Emotional Empowerment - WISDOM #2

REPEAT after me:

"I am a powerful CREATOR."

This WISDOM-IN-ACTION means you see CHOICE, potentials and possibilities. YOU are the creator and director of your life. When you truly realize your creative potential, you step in with intention to create your heart's desire.

What does the HEART desire? Many would say "success". The definition of this word changes depending on who you are talking to.... The important task would be to DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS without allowing the expectations, standards or societal norms of others to take away your choice.

How do YOU define SUCCESS?

For me, success comes down to FEELING - basically, how one feels each day and in general about their life. Then comes the complicated part of being human because, how we feel about our life depends on our thought process, goals, expectations, most importantly - ATTITUDE.

When you define success for yourself, it's important to get CLEAR on your priorities, set realistic goals, take responsibility for your thoughts, actions or inactions, surround yourself with good people and, develop your own rhythm of doing and being. These are the INGREDIENTS of our play.

LONG-TERM SUCCESS is about working POSITIVELY with these ingredients.



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Emotional Empowerment - WISDOM #1

REPEAT after me:

"What you think of me is none of my business."

This WISDOM-IN-ACTION is a reminder that you here to LOVE YOURSELF.  Your value and the love that you hold in your heart comes from inner connection to SELF first and foremost - from loving the YOU that is in the mirror each morning.

NEEDING anything makes you vulnerable and fragile to the opinions and projections of others.  This doesn't mean you don't need help at time or step forward to assist another.....  What is means is that YOU are CAPABLE and POWERFUL - and, so is everyone else.  It means you don't need approval and they don't need to approve of you in return.  Of course, it is always nice to feel love from others - just be aware not to give your power away seeking that love.

What does BEING CONFIDENT without seeking or needing the approval of others?  Bring this FEELING/ENERGY into your body during meditation - start above your head and move it slowly down - till you feel it alive in you.


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