The Journey of Awakening

​In this presentation, I will speak about the various and unique experiences that trigger us to awaken to SOUL consciousness.  Oftentimes, a person’s awakening with conscious awareness is sparked by crisis, struggle or a serious life situation.  For others of us, we have always been aware of our natural "psychic" gifts beyond the traditional ways of society. We will come together to discuss the pivotal experiences, higher knowledge and transformational stages affecting our lives as Light workers.   I will reveal share basic similarities and differences in our journeys, what we are remembering and how to integrate these new concepts into our daily life.   We are to embrace, believe and trust beyond our logical mind. 

​​​​​​​Developing Intuitive Gifts

In this presentation, I will speak more directly about the “natural” gifts that are becoming more and more present in our lives. As we move into deeper levels of our own awakening journey, we are having a variety of wonderful, challenging and mysterious experiences to expand our perceptions. I will bring simple knowledge and clarity to guide you in understanding, embracing and developing these new experiences.  I will speak directly about our primary and strongest intuitive gifts of clairsentience and claircognizance.  Secondarily, I will discuss the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy.  In conclusion, we will address the challenges faced when you step into new and explain the inherent responsibility, purpose and reason for these gifts in our lives.  

​​​​The Life & Role of an Empath

In this presentation, I will share specific insights about the life journey and role of being an Empath. I will discuss several of the most important character traits and challenges that surround our lives. I will share higher perspective and vibrations on the HUGE role we are being asked to embrace and follow in this lifetime. 

Being an Empath
In this presentation, I  will speak about what it truly means to be an Empath.  We will discuss how this special gift of connection affects our lives whether we are aware and awake, or asleep.   We will review all 30 traits of an Empath with a special focus on those main traits that uniquely distinguish the Empath from others.  We will also look at the various and differing ways Empaths experience this gift. In conclusion, we will reveal the inherent strengths, purpose and potentials that are part and parcel to being an Empath.    ​​​

​​​​​​​​​Terms & Vocabulary for Empaths 

In this presentation, I will introduce basic and then advanced terms and vocabulary for those who would like more clarity or are just beginning their journey of awakening.  I will define and explain some of the unseen yet, natural intuitive gifts being accessed by fellow Empaths. You will gain clarity on important metaphysical concepts such as vibration, consciousness, energy matrix, archetypes, chakras, meridians, and more.  This event will help you understand the exciting new journey as you step forward in self-healing and transformation to expanded consciousness. 

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My mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection for expansive living - for wisdom, peace, joy and success.  Empath Evolution offers individual guidance, healing sessions, workshops, programs and events that transforms at deeper levels.  My highest goal is to see humanity navigate beyond negativity, trauma, mood swings, anxiety or worse – to more fully connect with the beauty of life  - at home, at work and in relationships.  Visit our 
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Becoming a Skilled Empath 
In this presentation, I speak to you about  achieving a life of being centered, confident and comfortable with all life situations, experiences and people.  We begin with understanding the energetic exchanges and realities that are part of our daily lives.  We then bring forward concepts and practices that guide each and every Empath to become masters of their own energy.  The end result and, best way to become skilled Empath is to understand your SELF more fully and develop smarter ways to interact with the world.  ​ 

​​​​​​​​​The Wise Empath 

In this presentation, I will speak about stepping forward with confidence in the world.  This entails living without fear or judgment.  We will speak about the journey of an Empath that understands and embraces the role of being energetically sensitive.  The wise Empath understands and sees beyond superficial labels and perceptions.  I will share tools, practices and insights to help Empaths live with wisdom and joy in their life.  We will bring forward important principles to help navigate our lives. The wise Empath looks for TRUTH and is motivated to find depth and meaning in their life.  


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​​​​​​​Keys to Creating, Flowing & Manifesting

In this presentation, I will speak about the KEYS to creating a life with purpose, love and light; creating a life with joy and fulfillment. We will discuss the art of flowing with what is presented along with what interferes and challenges our ability to flow with life.  We will move very quickly into HOW to manifest and approach our every day lives with success.  Success defined in linear terms as goals, boundaries, right action along with being receptive and intuitive.  Success seen as a life with balance and flow using the male and female energies within each of us. Additionally, success for a Lightworker is achieved by understanding the physical reality of being in a body managing our personal identity with emotions and a logical mind.  

​​​​Managing our Gifts - Tools, Practices and Insights

In this presentation, I will speak in general terms about the self-care and awareness required to help us manage, maintain and strengthen our energetic field.    I will touch on many helpful tools and practices to incorporate into our daily lives. You will learn present practical solutions to help you understand and embrace your awakening gifts.  ​​



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Your Path to Emotional Empowerment with Michelle J. Howe

Life Choices, Contracts & Agreements

In this presentation, Michelle J. Howe will speak about the metaphysical concepts that seem to affect and direct the lives we are living here on Earth.  We will learn the significance and purpose of soul contracts and agreements.  We will talk in real terms about LIFE CHOICES and what comes our way. We will have a lively presentation about the myriad and then again, most prevalent and similar, experiences that seem to shape our everyday lives.  We will also touch this journey with life lesson, remembering our divine essence, and living through past life repeats.  More than ever, Lightworkers today are being called to remember; be empowered and embrace new knowledge on their journey.

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The Path and Process of Self-Healing

In this presentation, I will speak in more detail about the cleansing process and what else come into play to help us understand the meaning and process of "Self-Healing".  This is a very important topic and our very first priority for each and every one of us.   I will touch on the many facets that influence the way we perceive and create within our reality.   I will also discuss how to recognize and transmute negative energy.