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Your Path to Emotional Empowerment with Michelle J. Howe

​​​​​​​​​Empath Evolution  with Michelle J. Howe was founded in June 2014.

​​Our mission is to guide you to true confidence and success by expanding your mind; strengthening your heart; and sharing empathic tools and wisdom for life.   We offer individual guidance and programs to those challenged by the gift of energetic and emotional connection. Our teachings allow you to succeed beyond mood swings, anxiety, confusion and depression to enjoy your life. Visit our 
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Individual Guidance

    * Emotional Empowerment Sessions

    * Awakening Sessions

    * Awakening Day Plus Bonus Sessions

Emotional Empowerment Program

Online Programs (Digital Media)

​   *  Being an Empath Program - 5 Weeks

   *  Embracing Your Path Program - 12 Weeks

   *  Understanding The Energetic Body - 4 Weeks

   *  The Life of An Empath - 2 Hours

   *  Empath Challenge - 21 Days

Teleseminar Bundle - Awakening Topics 

Coming SOON -  Healing Your Soul (In Person Events)