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​​​​​​​​​Empath Evolution  with Michelle J. Howe was founded in June 2014.

mission is to guide you to true confidence and success by expanding your mind; strengthening your heart; and sharing empathic tools and wisdom for life.   We offer individual guidance and programs to those challenged by the gift of energetic and emotional connection. Our teachings allow you to succeed beyond mood swings, anxiety, confusion and depression to enjoy your life. Visit our Facebook page and Facebook group.   

​​​ Emotional Boundaries & Confidence for Life   - Level I 
                   Strengthen & Shine Your Light  

This 5-week program brings together important step-by-step tools and wisdom for those gifted with strong sensitivity and emotional connection to others.  This program serves to bring you important practices, skills and energies that will serve you best in this lifetime.  In this program, you will learn to:

    *  Connect with the deepest aspects of yourself. 

    *  Recognize yourself separate from others.

    *  Strengthen your energetic boundaries.  

    *  Love and appreciate your gifted Self.  

     * Navigate your healing journey.  

Each class includes energy healing and connection; clearing and grounding; teachings and tools;  and weekly assignments.  There will be email support for each participant in this program along with a secret Facebook group for participant interaction and support. Each class is an hour and a half in duration.  The classes are highly structured with time set aside for participant questions and introspection.  

Class 1:     March 7, 2017     -       Your Deeper Connection 

Class 2:     March 14, 2017   -      Recognizing You from Others

Class 3:     March 21, 2017   -      Energetic Boundaries

Class 4:     March 28, 2017   -      A Powerful Heart    

Class 5:     April 4, 2017        -      True Healing

The classes are scheduled on five consecutive Tuesdays.

Classes are held live from 7:30pm to 9:00pm EST.  

Each class recording is made available to you.

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You are an invaluable gift to the world by your example and approach to life.  Give this gift to yourself, join others who are experiencing life in similar ways and set yourself free to BE YOU.

Step forward into healing and enjoy the your life with emotional freedom!


Any questions on this program,  reach out to me.