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Michelle J. Howe

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​​​​​​​​​Empath Evolution  with Michelle J. Howe was founded in June 2014.

mission is to guide you to true confidence and success by expanding your mind; strengthening your heart; and sharing empathic tools and wisdom for life.   We offer individual guidance and programs to those challenged by the gift of energetic and emotional connection. Our teachings allow you to succeed beyond mood swings, anxiety, confusion and depression to enjoy your life. Visit our Facebook page and Facebook group.   


EEmpath evolution teleseminars


Do you often feel misunderstood or different in the world? 

Do you deal with times of depression, anxiety or overwhelm?   

Are you challenged by crowds and inter-personal relationships? 

​Are you tired of energetic sensitivity and the emotional struggle? 

​If you answered YES to any of the above, you are in the right place!  

It's time to make yourself a priority and go deeper to feel better.

It's time to learn about emotions, energetic connection and deeper truths.  

It's time to empower yourself and gain greater understanding of your path! 

I understand you and your challenges very well from my own experience.  I can help you feel and live with confidence, stability and inner connection.  You can feel more connected in this world.  You can move beyond from depression, anxiety or overwhelm.  You can gain clarity to direct your life and understand your emotions.  You can enjoy great friendships and relationships with others.  

It's time for you to put together the puzzle pieces of you - to become your own guru!  

I am here to help.  I am here to guide you - to deeper levels of truth with knowledge and tools to transform your life - to live with true confidence and success.  

My work goes beyond the logic provided in traditional psychotherapy.  Instead, it's about wisdom and inner connection for deeper truths, new perspective and energy smarts. In my work, I connect with you at deeper levels - to bring you the help you need to blossom in this lifetime - to live your best life with happiness and fulfillment. 

Nothing beats a person-to-person conversation - for you to meet me and answer your questions. 

Schedule your discovery session with me today.                      


There is no bigger priority than understanding yourself and feeling good in life!

The time is NOW.

It's time to stop ignoring, avoiding or distracting yourself at every turn.

It's time to stop helping everyone around you - instead, help yourself.  

Take your "next best step" today!

​​Schedule your free discovery session with me today!

Michelle's mentorship opened up my world.  I learned all about my body and how I process emotions both that are mine and those coming from others.  Michelle guided me through as my life was falling apart and as I put it back together.  She has been a fantastic mentor and friend. Meeting her has allowed me to change for the better.  The variety of information she teaches is valuable. There is always something new and interesting to learn which is customized for you in that particular moment.  Working with her has been a great experience.  Thank You.  
Mark from New York 

Michelle's insight in a one on one session helped my understanding of a difficult situation and brought about healing around it.  Her lectures always seemed to be teaching exactly what I needed to know/understand at that moment; and being part of a safe circle of other Empaths promoted my self-understanding and acceptance.  
Mary from New York

I enjoyed the feeling of purpose and connected..ness..that came from being in an exclusive program that was tailored for a specific group which I identify with. I also enjoyed listening to an expert give metaphysical advice about many subjects. The classes felt professional and I took pride in taking part.  I have managed to identify different personal problems as well as abilities and make choices accordingly. This has greatly improved my day-to-day enjoyment of life and social interactions with others. I feel I have gained tools to help myself and maintain health and happiness.  Matthew from California