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​​​​​Being an Empath by Michelle J. Howe  (8/18/2014)

Some words of wisdom first.  We are individuals - we vary in perceptions, experiences and beliefs from one another.  That being said, there are "universal truths" that bring us together.  

From my perspective, everyone has gifts and natural skills in specific areas that are unique to them.  Everyone possesses the innate ability to feel at different levels.  To be sensitive or, Empath means you have a high level of sensitivity. 

The word EMPATH is new word for our world.  This word is gaining popularity because it describes pretty accurately a "unique way of being" in this world.  To know more, I would suggest you read the 30 traits of an Empath.

Being an Empath is a gift! It is a soul-to-soul connection that helps others heal and release negative emotions.  An Empath does all this “wonder of healing” simply by the energy that comes from a listening ear.   It is actually so natural that many of us do not notice, “something special is happening”.  Friends, neighbors and even perfect strangers share their most intimate stories with an Empath.  The Empath listens - knowing exactly how the other person feels.  

​I have met many Empaths that are fully awake and aware of this gift of connection.  Then again, I have met and was an Empath who thought this way of relating and knowing others was normal.  Those who are unaware will struggle with our own energy! 

When the time is right, the Empath awakens.  This awakening comes in all sort of ways: experiencing a strange, intense or challenging situation; the pain of managing their day-to-day lives; the death of a loved one;  they run across this word online or at the suggestion of another.

Empaths come at all levels of development and healing ability.  I define an Empath clearly as the person who FEELS what is around them - the energies in general - which includes emotions!  

On a subconscious and psychic level, the Empath reads energy.  The Empath is typically intuitive with potential for psychic abilities on many levels.  

In summary - Empaths are unique people who serve a specific role.  Their biggest challenge is understanding their unique ways of connecting to others in the world.

For more information, read  Empath Evolution's "30 Traits of an Empath" 

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