​​​​​​​​​​EMPATH GATHERINGS  are in-person events held in Central New York.  These events gather together awakening men and woman who are interested in understanding more fully the Empath’s journey.  This monthly event allows me to introduce you to key concepts, tools and wisdom.  Additionally, we dive deeper into understanding empowerment and healing in this lifetime.  The cost to attend is $15 and yes, we have plenty of fun too!  

Each gathering brings heart-centered, energetically-sensitive individuals within community with one another.  These gatherings also include a healing/clearing meditation, unique discussions and social connections.

This event flows based on Spirit guidance.  I welcome all Empaths - new or seasoned - to join these gatherings - to come together - to empower - to embrace soul guidance - to create solid friendships or collaborative initiatives.

----  Some of the Awakening Stories from previous gatherings  are shared below with you.​

You must register online by noon on September 12th to attend.   

DATE:        Wednesday, September 12th 

TIME:         6:30pm to 8:30pm 

WHERE:    The Centered Self - 5620 Business Ave, Suite 19 (last suite on the right), Cicero, NY 13039

COST:       $15   ​(You MUST register online to attend this event! by noon on May 9th)


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​​​​​​​​​EMPATH EVOLUTION with Michelle J. Howe was founded in June 2014.

My mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection for expansive living - for wisdom, peace, joy and success.  Empath Evolution offers individual guidance, healing sessions, workshops, programs and events that transforms at deeper levels.  My highest goal is to see humanity navigate beyond negativity, trauma, mood swings, anxiety or worse – to more fully connect with the beauty of life  - at home, at work and in relationships.  Visit our 
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