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Empath Evolution’s 30 Traits of an Empath   by Michelle J. Howe on 8/18/2014

1.    Knowing:  Empaths are observant, aware of people with a knowing beyond simple intuition. 
2.    Does NOT enjoy spending time in public places: they prefer small gatherings.  
3.    Absorbs and feels the emotions of others as their own.
​4.    Avoids watching, listening or reading anything with violence or cruelty. 

5.    Knows when someone is being dishonest:  If someone is lying, an Empath will know.  

6.    Prone to feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed.

​7.    Digestive problems or lower back pain:  This correlates with our emotional energy centers.  

8.    Sees beyond the outside, superficial masks or words spoken. 

9.    Friends or even perfect strangers share their personal stories.

10.  Battles with fatigue:  Empaths are often drained from normal daily activity and interaction.      

11.  Addictive behaviors:  Alcohol, drugs, sex, or food are used to help them relax or be calm. 

12.  Drawn to healing, holistic or metaphysical concepts.

13.  Creative:  Singing, dancing, acting, drawing or writing are strong loves for the Empath.  

14.  Enjoys being in nature and around animals:  The energy of animals and nature is healing.

15.  Needs time in solitude:  Most Empaths are introverts who play at being extraverts.   ​

16.  Bored or distracted easily:  An Empath can easily switch to daydream or doodle.  

17.  Finds it impossible to do things they don’t enjoy:  Empaths cannot be forced.  ​

18.  Chameleon Abilities: Empaths can adjust easily to connect with different types of people.

19.  Seeks knowledge/wisdom:  Empaths have a very active mind that probes for answers.   

20.  Likes adventure, freedom and travel:  Empaths are free spirits and like independence.  

21.  Abhors clutter:  For many Empaths, clutter is a turn-off.   ​

22.  Loves to daydream:  An Empath can stare into space for hours.  

23.  Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning.

​24.  Inclined to carry extra weight without necessarily overeating.  

​25.  Excellent listeners:  Empaths love to listen, learn and know others.   

26.  Intolerant to narcissism:  Although kind, Empaths spot and avoid egotistic people. 

​27.  Ability to feel physical symptoms of another.     

​28.  Not always interested in purchasing antiques, vintage or second-hand. 

29.  Sensitive to noise level or simultaneous stimuli. 

​30.  Can appear moody, shy, aloof, unsociable or disconnected.  

​​If you can say yes to most or all of the above, YOU are a strong Empath!!!

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