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​​​​​​​​​EMPATH EVOLUTION with Michelle J. Howe was founded in June 2014.

My mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection for expansive living - for wisdom, peace, joy and success.  Empath Evolution offers individual guidance, healing sessions, workshops, programs and events that transforms at deeper levels.  My highest goal is to see humanity navigate beyond negativity, trauma, mood swings, anxiety or worse – to more fully connect with the beauty of life  - at home, at work and in relationships.  Visit our 
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​AWAKENING CIRCLES are offered locally and online for awakening men and women interested in advancing on their unique journey to Self. These circles are designed for energetically sensitive individuals - empaths, healers or seekers - who wish to connect with other like-minded individuals - to give and receive within a small trusted circle.  Each circle's directives and topics flow to expand your mind, heal your heart and strengthen you in all aspects of your life. 

Awakening Circles events occur monthly with a fixed day/time for 3 hours.  Each circle is structured and facilitated by someone who can create and hold sacred space.  The intention behind these awakening circles will always be to inspire, mentor and share with one another - each of us as student and teacher.  Each circle brings together 12 unique individuals.  Each circle clears your energetic field and advances your deeper connection to Self.

To join an Awakening Circle, you must demonstrate a strong dedication to your spiritual development.  Each person interested in joining a circle must apply and be interviewed before acceptance.  

If you are interested in participating in an Awakening Circle near you or online, schedule a time to speak with me.  

If you are interested in facilitating an Awakening Circle, please connect with me today!