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Your Path to Emotional Empowerment with Michelle J. Howe

​​​​​​​​​EMPATH EVOLUTION with Michelle J. Howe was founded in June 2014.

My mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection for expansive living - for wisdom, peace, joy and success.  Empath Evolution offers individual guidance, healing sessions, workshops, programs and events that transforms at deeper levels.  My highest goal is to see humanity navigate beyond negativity, trauma, mood swings, anxiety or worse – to more fully connect with the beauty of life  - at home, at work and in relationships.  Visit our 
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    A few TESTIMONIALS for you - 

Michelle's mentorship opened up my world.  I learned all about my body and how I process emotions both that are mine and those coming from others. Michelle guided me through as my life was falling apart and as I put it back together.  She has been a fantastic mentor and friend. Meeting her has allowed me to change for the better.  The variety of information she teaches is valuable. There is always something new and interesting to learn which is customized for you in that particular moment.  Working with her has been a great experience.  Thank You.  Mark from New York 

Michelle's insight in a one on one session helped my understanding of a difficult situation and brought about healing around it.  Her lectures always seemed to be teaching exactly what I needed to know/understand at that moment; and being part of a safe circle of other Empaths promoted my self-understanding and acceptance.  Mary from New York

I enjoyed the feeling of purpose and connected..ness..that came from being in an exclusive program that was tailored for a specific group which I identify with. I also enjoyed listening to an expert give metaphysical advice about many subjects. The classes felt professional and I took pride in taking part.  I have managed to identify different personal problems as well as abilities and make choices accordingly. This has greatly improved my day-to-day enjoyment of life and social interactions with others. I feel I have gained tools to help myself and maintain health and happiness.  Matthew from California​​

Are you tired of being impacted by the craze of drama and negativity around you?

Are you secretly or openly struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or depression?

Do people feel comfortable sharing their most personal stories with you? 

It's time for you to navigate your life with energetic awareness.

It's time to discover inner peace, fulfillment and joy. 

It's time to embrace your unique path to Self.   

My name is Michelle J. Howe.  I am an awakening speaker, teacher and healer - stepping forward to impact, share and guide others to inner connection, emotional empowerment, personal confidence and overall wellness.  My teachings and approach are beyond traditional perceptions, beliefs and opinions.  I look at life as a school - you are each here to experience, contribute and advance in some way.  I am here to help you step into greater potentials and embody wisdom within success.

I work with those individuals and teams within organizations who are ready to embrace new thoughts around emotional challenges relating to addiction, mental chatter, confusion, guilt, etch...  I speak to those who are ready to embrace truths coming from love of self and heart healing.  My private clients and workshop participants are open minded, sensitive and ready to look outside traditional thought to brighten their lives at home, at work and in relationships! 

My mission is to teach beyond words about empowerment - with a focus on emotions, the energy body and inner connection  for powerful healing and transformation on all energetic levels. 

Regardless of what others believe or we see, REAL WEALTH comes from depth, wisdom and inner connection to Self. ​​

The time of fear, stubbornness, rules, limiting beliefs and being a martyr are done.  Your thoughts mixed with collective thoughts and family patterns create an unconscious reality that disempowers.  It's time to start paying attention and learn about energy dynamics - to stop becoming entangled in the weeds around you - to take back your power!

If my words resonate with you in some way, take some time to EXPLORE this website's offerings - to work with me privately or within an online program; to attend a community event; to bring a workshop to your team or organization.  Additionally, if you would like to know more about sensitivity or "Being An Empath" - register here for that recorded lecture.

What do you gain by working with me?

   Key guidance and tools to strengthen your energetic body.

   Healing vibrations and energy smarts for happy, confident and joyful living.

   Practices and principles for strength, trust and flow in your life.    

Your natural state is one of LOVE and BLISS. It's time to embrace that state of being into your life!
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